Mission Statement

The mission of Vita house is to provide a welcoming place that contributes to the dignity of every person enabling all to discover our true potential by responding to each other’s needs in partnership with families and community through a holistic approach.

Aims and Vision

We aim to support and provide services to all the community regardless of their social class, religious persuasion, race, age, gender, family/marital status, sexual orientation, and irrespective of their means.

We aim to provide a private and respectful, non-judgemental counselling service for individuals, couples, and families in a pleasant and calm environment, creating a suitable context for reflection and personal development.

We aim to offer a comprehensive range of professional services, support groups, and programmes.

We aim to be of benefit to the community and advance community welfare and network with other agencies in the statutory and voluntary sectors.

Our Core values as an organization are:

  1. Respect for all
  2. Non-judgmental and compassionate
  3. Hope for all families and individuals
  4. Service to the community
  5. Quality of service – continually pursuing knowledge and learning
  6. Partnership with others