Counselling services within the community setting are evidenced to improve the recovery process when we are in a time of crisis, such as getting seriously ill, we face many anxiety inducing challenges. We may be worried and stressed buy our illness, encouraging the wordy and stress of our family, or be faced with the financial burden of being ill.

A counsellor is available to help you by providing emotional support and allowing you to express your feelings and fears during this difficult and traumatic time. They will not tell you what to do but may help you to see things differently and enable you to make decisions when you are feeling fearful and distressed. Counselling is provided by an experienced, accredited psychotherapist.

We provide up to 8 one-to-one counselling sessions per client free of charge. One-to-one counselling is grant aided through the Irish Cancer Society.

We also provide Bereavement counselling as we recognize its importance for families when they experience loss.