Post Mastectomy Care Fitting Clinic


A Post Mastectomy Care Fitting Clinic, is now available at Vita House. This is run by Dr Zita Fitzpatrick, Barna, Co. Galway who has run this Clinic for the past 26 years at Roscommon Hospital Out-Patients . She is one of the most experienced people doing this work, in the country.

When a lady has breast surgery, Dr Zita can meet her and provide suitable bras and a silicone breast form, or whatever she needs to, to help her look and feel great again.


After breast surgery all women are entitled to a first fitting free.

Thereafter, ladies who have a full medical card can get two mastectomy bras free each year and a prosthesis (silicone breast form worn in the bra) when needed, usually every 2-3 years.

If a lady knows exactly the bras they like and want, then they do not need to attend the Clinic but just contact Dr Zita and the items will be sent by post.

The past two years have been difficult with Covid-19 and face to face fitting clinics were much reduced. However, all the ladies who had seen Dr Zita in the past, continued to get their bras by post each year.


All consultations at the Post Mastectomy Care Fitting Clinic, with Dr Zita Fitzpatrick are FREE.


This Post Mastectomy Care Fitting Clinic is also available at:

Home Clinic, Barna, Co. Galway.

Tuam Cancer Care Centre, Tuam.

East Galway, Midland Cancer Support Centre, Brackernagh, Ballinasloe.

Brew Street Clinic, Kilrush, Co Clare.

Also, HOUSE CALLS are possible, by arrangement.

For more information, please contact Dr Zita Fitzpatrick on 086 2624385 or Vita House.



Monthly clinic will be available here at Vita House

Thursday 5th October 2023

Friday 10th November 2023

Friday 8th December 2023