Ursula practices as a Healthcare Therapist and as clinical specialist in Lymphedema, Lipoedema and other Lymphatic Disorders. Ursula’s aspirations are that all patients living with Lymphedema get early intervention to enable them to live life comfortably. Manual Lymphatic Drainage also known as MLD, was pioneered in the 1930s by Dr. Emil Vodder PhD. MLD is a light, slow touch technique which works to circulate the body’s lymph node stations in order to speed up and excel cleansing and detoxification within the body.
The only means of lymph fluid circulation is from the body’s movements during exercise, deep diaphragmatic breathing or of course through Manual Lymphatic
Drainage Massage. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is recognised as an effective treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is the most effective treatment for lymphedema as it reduces symptoms of and improves patient’s functionality, mobility and quality of life. During a lymphatic massage therapy session the body’s waste, which is contained in the lymph fluid, is moved to the lymph nodes which then act as filters to cleanse and purify the lymph fluid and re-circulate it back throughout the body. The therapist exerts different intensities of pressure to increase the activity of normal lymphatic vessels and to encourage the fluid away from congested areas by bypassing ineffective or injured lymph vessels. The treatment is very gentle and will involve drainage of the neck, trunk, and the affected extremity. Specialist bandages and sleeves may be recommended and utilised as part of this treatment. There are enormous therapeutic benefits from Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). It is a very gentle massage which helps to promote relaxation, immune function and reduce edema (build-up of fluid) in the body. MLD is a non-invasive process which has a calming effect to the nervous system due to its repetitive rhythmic sequence and it also
has an analgesic effect which is a huge aide in pain reduction and discomfort.

Appointments with Ursula can be made on 087 739 0788.