The philosophical underpinning of this approach is that a person learns to act and think in a crtain way as a result of their experiences and their perceptions of those experiences. This learning is a life-long process. Usually what we learn is adaptive and functional – we learn to become active participants in our lives, our society and our culture. However, occasionally we learn ways of thinking, feeling or behaving which hinder us in our development and prevent us from achieving our potiential. Sometimes a single event in our lives will have a mojor repercussion: or, more often, experiences which go over a longer period of time can affect us emotionally in the long term. Such experiences and responces to them can lead us to develop low self esteem, unhappiness, bitterness, anxiety, passivity, aggession, perfectionism and so on.

Clients experiencing the above can change their way of acting with the help of individualised tailored Behaviour Therapy programmes.