Most children move through developmental milestones easily, however, there are times when things are not so seamless and if that is something that has happened in your child’s life, it may be helpful to see a professional Therapist.

In therapy, children learn by doing. For younger kids this could mean drawing, playing and talking. For older children it could involve a shared activity and using idea’s that focus on learning the new skills they need. Working with a therapist can help young people to understand and express their feelings and to change behaviors which may be causing problems in their lives. It also helps to enhance self esteem and to deal with challenging situations they may be faced with. The therapist will work to help the child believe in themselves and find their own strengths. Therapy builds helpful thinking patterns and healthy behaviour patterns while also introducing appropriate coping styles for life’s difficulties. The therapists work to the child’s pace and will use a variety of tools to engage with young children. Providing early help is usually more effective than waiting.

Some of the issues that can contribute to distress in a couple

  • behavioural and emotional issues
  • bullying /school related problems
  • anxiety/fear
  • difficulties with sleep
  • trauma/Loss/bereavement
  • parental separation
  • children who can’t play or are withdrawn
  • anger or aggression
  • low confidence/self-esteem
  • children who have difficulty in relationships with others.

All psychotherapists at Vita House working with adolescents are aware of and compliant with the Children First Guidelines 2017 and duties and responsibilities for mandated persons under the Children First Act 2015.