Support our work by making a donation. We will be delighted with any contribution you can make.

Any donation you choose to send us by paypal or bank transfer will be greatly appreciated. We will be glad to issue you a receipt if you provide us with your contact details. Your donation may be tax deductible, depending on your earnings situation. Any donations we receive will be in accordance with our Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising.

Contact us for information on Bank Transfer

Leaving a Legacy

A legacy is when you leave a sum of money in your will for our work. Some people leave their entire estates and some leave a modest sum. However much you choose to leave, it is of great benefit to us and those we help. Every legacy counts, no matter how large or small.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to help but have never been able to, maybe due to the pressures of everyday life and looking after a family.

Either way, many people find that deciding to leave a legacy to benefit others after they are gone is a very rewarding experience. For further details please contact us.

Become a Patron

Support Vita House and your community in a very special way by sponsoring our work or events. Your business logo can go up on certain publicity materials and on our list of sponsors. Please contact us for further information