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Understanding Self and Others Part 1
This workshop focuses on the themes of self-understanding and self-acceptance of both self and others.

Cost – €60

Date – TBC

Dealing with Bad News This one-day workshop has been designed especially by the Irish Cancer Society.The aim of the workshop is to consider the impact of bad news, to practice skills in a safe environment, to increase self-confidence and to explore self-resourcing tools

Date TBC

Dreams Workshop Participants will explore the meaning of dreams, and find and analyse the knowledge within the dreaming mind.

Cost –  €60

Date – TBC

Inner Child- The main focus of this two-day workshop is to acknowledge and validate the wisdom of the “child within”. Inner child work can be both simple and gentle, and it is about responding from the present, not regression.

Cost – €120

Date – TBC

CBT therapy explains how emotions are not simply results of events but of interpretations of events, which can be changed to be more helpful or realistic. (6weeks Course)

Cost – €70

Date – TBC

Bio Energy Transforming emotional stress, nourishing the body and mind, working from a positive mindset and being self motivated are the tools for a healthier life.

Art Group
Join us and explore art through a range of medias. This is a fun and friendly environment to explore your talents.

Cost €5

Date – TBC