Inner child

The main focus of this two-day workshop is to acknowledge and validate the wisdom of the “child within”. Inner child work can be both simple and gentle, and it is about responding from the present, not regression. This process involves building on the strengths and resources of the adult self in order to respond to the needs of the child from a stabilized place. When the adult is grounded and resourced, he/ she is able to identify the missing experiences from childhood. Working with parts, i.e. the young child, older child and teenager creates safety, and there is a child in all of us looking for our attention, wanting to be seen and heard. Making this connection can be a truly transformative experience. Healing our wounded selves enables us to tap into our creative potential and reclaim our essence. This work can be truly liberating, and opens up the possibilty of becoming more and more of a child at heart, more curious, spontaneous, playful and able to experience a felt sense of vitality in our lives.

Philomena Hunt (Phyllis) currently works on a contract basis, part-time with the HSE Counselling in Primary Care Service, and in private practice as a therapist and Supervisor. She is trained as a Person Centred Counsellor, with a Post Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy. In recent years she has trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and the TARA Approach for the treatment of shock and trauma.