Family Theraphy seeks to engage the family members in a collaborative exploration of their presenting dilemma, focusing on the beliefs, and the interactions which maintain the difficulty or which prevent its resolution.


Couples therapy gives partners a chance to explore challenging relationship questions in a safe environment. Couples deal with how to address ongoing difficulties, enhance intimacy, or how to renew the love they once shared. Couples can learn how to handle differences together, without falling into the traps that lead to resentment, detachment or fighting. This is a non-judgmental source of support. Our goal is to strengthen communication and relationship.


Individual therapy is a general term for one-on-one counselling, whether it be with children, adolescents, or adults. There are many types of individual therapy and also many reasons people turn to individual therapy.

It deals with issues that are  impacting on their family life which could be related to a past trauma, loss , anxiety or depression; difficulties in coping with issues in regard to relationships at work or within the family.


Working with a therapist can help young people to understand and express their feelings and to change behaviors which may be causing problems in their lives. It also helps to enhance self esteem and to deal with challenging situations they may be faced with – providing early help is usually more effective then waiting.